Rabu, 31 Desember 2008


Tomorrow is going to be 2009! GOSH!
It’s quite hard to believe that today is the end of 2008! A tough year, isn’t it? Well…this makes me ponder for a while, what have I done for this year?What are the good or bad things I’ve done in 2008? All of the good deeds should be maintained and improved but the bad ones must be reduced and decreased! This afternoon, my Mom, my sister, and me were busy enough bcoz we cleaned the entire house due to the next Chinese New Year. It’s really full of dust…but the cleaning process was quite fun, hehe…I found some ‘neglected’ stuffs that were kept for a long time in the cupboard and drawer….
2009 is approaching, very close to us now...what will happen in this coming New Year? Hope everything will be better, including the global economic condition, hahaha…. By the way, have you made any New Year’s resolutions? It’s the time for us to CHANGE! It’s a new beginning! Yeah, I’ve made some planning and I wish I can achieve success and something great from them, hehe…I also hope that all of your planning and wishes will be accomplished too!
After all, in this 2009, we must dare to be different (in a positive way)!

Kamis, 25 Desember 2008



Christmas has come! This wonderful and peaceful day has come to the Earth, to all of people!

Btw, now I still feel a bit sleepy because yesterday (Christmas EVE), I went to Gereja Kristus Raja, a Catholic church across Medan Mall Plaza, along with my little brother, aunt, and cousins, and until about 1 o'clock midnight I finally returned home.

We went there about seven o'clock...I thought it's still early...but after we arrived I was surprised to see so many people had come and filled all the seats! Hhh...well, then we just took a seat at the second floor. It's difficult to see the whole process and we only can listen to it.

But...yeah, the ceremony was simple and nice...we enjoyed the choir, the song, and we prayed a lot there.

From church we didn't go home directly. My aunt brought us to have a snack(actually supper) at Merdeka Walk... It's very nice! I ordered Mc'D's Gourmet Wrap. It's a warm and delicious meal in the cold weather last night! Thanks to my aunt, hehehe....

After all....it was a wonderful Christmas eve and I hope this wonderful Christmas Day will bring miracles and happiness to ALL OF US!

Selasa, 09 Desember 2008


This is not the only feeling or expression I had after I watched Twilight yesterday. It is a romantic and fantastic movie! Very Nice! :) I think you shouldn’t miss it! At least you can buy the DVD if you don’t have any free time to enjoy it in cinema or maybe you just read the novel(by Stephenie Meyer). I think it is also the same.
Edward Cullen (the protagonist, acted by Robert Pattinson) is really a cool guy! Hahaha….. But his face is so pale and he has red lips (too much lipstick, I think, haha..) He and his family are a kind of vegetarian vampire (how come?almost impossible!) and only hunt for animals. But all of the vampires in the film still can be active under the sunlight! I think vampires shouldn’t have this kind of power although the Cullens has their own special ability! For example, Edward can read minds(except Bella’s mind) and his sister can predict future.
Isabella 'Bella' Swan, a pretty but introvert girl(the main character in the film, acted by Kristen Stewart) arrived in Forks, because her mother had married again, and live with her father, Charlie, a Forks police officer. She never expected to fall in love with a vampire until one day when Edward saved her from an accident. But after all she didn’t afraid to him and the Cullens also treat her like one of their family members.
There is another important character in the movie, Jacob Black from the Quilutes. Actually he is a werewolf but in this first movie he doesn’t have many ‘appearance’ and we can’t see his transformation! Perhaps in the sequel we can find it!
At last….after this short description, I recommend you to watch this movie! It’s terrific! Two thumbs up! Haha…

Minggu, 07 Desember 2008


Wahaha...this is really a precious opportunity! It's quite rare to have such a long weekend(from Saturday until Monday) b'coz there will be a celebration for Muslim people(IdulAdha) on Monday.... :)
Yesterday until today there's nothing really special has happened, but.....tomorrow it will be different! I'll watch a very nice movie with my cousin at the cinema in Sun Plaza! Yihaa...! It's TWILIGHT! I've been waiting for it since the first premiere in Medan and I think the movie won't disappoint me! Yeah, I hope so!
I won't forget to write something about my impression of the film!
See ya!

Minggu, 16 November 2008

A Relaxing Weekend

Fiuh….finally the mid-tests were over and I think I deserve something nice after all that stressful tests and assignments! Yeah…that’s why this morning I bought a pack of delicious Chocolate drink and decided to watch the DVDs which I borrowed from my friend. Those DVD’s are Japanese movies or it’s better to say, J-dorama.
Although I just watched one of them, the film really made me almost forgot about those ‘pressure’ I got from campus! The Dorama is so entertaining! The main actor is Tomohisa Yamashita(Yama-P)! Yeah! It’s quite funny to watch his acting in the film. The title of the Dorama is Proposal Daisakusen(Operation Love).Yama-P(also known as the leader of the famous Japanese boy band, NewS) acted as Iwase Ken(Kenzo) and Masami Nagasawa is the main actress, acted as Yoshida Rei. Ken and Rei have been classmate since they were children. From their best friend relationship, they finally realize that actually they fall in love with each other but it’s hard for Ken to express his feeling, although Rei has shown her ‘love signs’ to Ken. Poor Ken, he doesn’t realize every ‘signs’ given by Rei and this makes Rei feels disappointed and upset. At last she married to a young teacher, Tada. Ken deeply regret and he can only hope if everything can be repeated again, he promise he will change everything. Suddenly, a “fairy godfather”, along with a heavenly choir(Halleluya!Halleluya!), appears to help Ken. He is sent back to the past as a second chance to repair his relationship with Rei…..
This Dorama is not only funny but it is also a bit touching… . There are a lot of running scenes in the movie which acted by Yama-P. This is the first time for me to watch his acting and I think besides singing, he is quite good in acting too! Yama-P still looks cute in the movie and Masami Nagasawa is so pretty! Especially when she wears her wedding gown! Well…this is about Proposal Daisakusen and there are still 3 DVDs more that I haven’t watched yet. One of them is Nodame Cantabile! This film is taken from the comic version with a same title. My friend told me that it is also a nice film! Maybe I’ll watch it next time! :)

Senin, 03 November 2008


Walah...it's near the end of year...November has come! Until today I can (finally) have a chance to write something! Actually I decided to share a bit about my B-day and other events that had happened in October (last month)...but because there are some problems with my 'one-and-only' PC...I have to ask someone to repair it...and it costs quite a lot! >_< ;
But today is just the same like other days, full of activities....busy....and I'm having mid-tests for a week, starting today! Well...I think I can't have enough time to write more coz I should study right for the test now! Perhaps after those tests, I can have something fun to share!

Minggu, 26 Oktober 2008

It's getting closer!

Wah...a week has passed already! Still like other days, always full of activities!Busy...but I think I should be active rather than just stay at home doing nothing, right? Haha...*_*;;
Well, it's a tough week actually. Last week I had followed an examination at STBA-PIA. The exam was called HSK-中国汉语水平考试(Zhong Guo Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)which means The Chinese language Proficiency Test-also known as Chinese TOEFL. The test is answered by choosing 4 options(ABCD) and every participants(examinees) must answer about 140 questions which divided into 3 parts; Listening, Filling the blanks(grammar structures), and Reading Comprehension. Although I am quite sure with my ability but while doing the test, I was still nervous b'coz of the condition in the class(AC-nya dingin bgt! Semua pada serius...pokoknya cukup menegangkan deh!)
But until now the test results haven't been announced yet. I must still wait for it. Hopefully my test result will not very disappointing!
Then...next week there will be another examination waiting for me!!!
AARRGGGHHH......!!! Mid-tests again! I must prepare myself to deal with it and I don't know when I can relax for a while...Okay...I think I'll continue next time...
N.B: Halloween is getting closer! My B-day also...hehe...I wonder if my campus will make a Halloween party or not just like last year according to what I heard from my friend....:)

Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008


Finally I have a little free time here(nyolong waktu ber-internet ria waktu dosen blom datang xP !) to (Bahkan ada satu temanku yang udh protes gara2 gak nulis posting yang baru lagi!)continue writing my blog! Haiya, because of many reasons like assignments, mid tests, etc. I really don't have time just to do my hobbies,especially blogging(luckily today the lecturer come late!). It's been a month already! And at last my favorite month has come! October! Hahaha...various events will (had) happen(ed) this month! And later I will post some photos (including the request from my friends, they want to know how my 'new' hairstyle looks like!Hehe.. :)) that related to the events! This month, there will be Halloween! Yeah, I love this "horror-but-fun" day! And then my B-day...eng...ing...eng...(after my grandma's 82th B-day!) is also coming towards! HAHAHA........
Oh ya, yesterday I listened to my friend in campus about the 'doomsday'(Gila...bikin serem aja wkt dengerin berita dari dia) She said that according to what the scientist/experts predicted that in the year of 2012 on the December, there will be our doomsday! Believe it or not!(bahkan katanya dari ramalan suku Maya sudah tertulis bhw beribu tahun yang akan datang setelah zaman mereka akan ada sebuah peristiwa besar yang terjadi!) I hope it is not true and that is not the end of the world! But anyway...I think we shouldn't be afraid and just do the positive things, haha! Well...I suggest you (just like what my friend told me)to open this blog or just type '2012 year' on the search engine(GOOGLE) to check whether it is true or not!
I think now I must end this blog and hope I will have another closer time to write something again(because my lecturer has come!!)
N.B: Aku pengen banget nonton film keren"LASKAR PELANGI" kalau ada waktu!!! Dan Postingan kali ini banyak brackets-nya :P

Sabtu, 13 September 2008


Walah...the beginning of this month is really full of unbelievable and unforgettable moments-lah,hehe..!!!
Some of them really worn me out (so exhausting!), some of them make me excited!
It is hard to predict, honestly! He..he..
Okelah…(entah kenapa lagi pengen nulis pake bahasa Inggris)…let me start from something that made me HAPPY :) a few days ago…
I have already forgotten the date or when was it happened but at that time I went to Pasar Ramai, a famous traditional market in Medan, with my elder sister to ‘browse’ for something(after I had finally changed my hairstyle in nearby salon :)). Then we came to a stall selling DVDs and MP3s. Both of us tried to look for some latest music CDs. While my sis were searching for Jay Chow’s singles, I also tried to look for the Japanese Pop music CD. I know that it is hard to find Japanese Songs(the new songs, not the old one) in Medan, except if we just download it from Internet.
But…..when my fingers were selecting the CDs, my eyes caught something what I hope for! A VCD with 12 singles of my favorite artists (NEWS, Yui, BoA, Tegomass, Koda Kumi, etc.)! Yahooo…!
After I checked for a while(if it has broken or not) then without hesitate I paid for it(only cost five thousand rupiah per CD, see how affordable!). And when I have watched the contain inside, I really fall in love with a single from Tegomass-AiAiGasa!

It is absolutely a nice song with a wonderful dreamy videoclip(the little boy in the MV looks like a real Nobita…so cupu,hehe…)! I wonder if you have listened to it…but I think you should!

Okay…this is something nice that happened this month. Oh, I think I must share with you a lil’bit about Paralympic Games in Beijing.
These days I have watched several of great competitions, besides the opening ceremony, from TV together with my family. I was amazed with their fighting spirit although they (the athletes) are invalid. Some of them, who are blind, played soccer. Do you know how do they make sure the direction of the ball? Yup…inside the ball, there are something which can produce sound when the ball is moved(being kicked or thrown) by the player. That’s why they still can play soccer even they can’t see. Some of the athletes, using the special designed wheelchair, played basketball and tabletennis, or ran in marathon track. Oh ya, do you know how the ‘wheelchair-ed’ athlete do the weightlifting?...They only have to lay on a place and at the same time lift the weightbar above him/her. Before Paralympic Games being held in Beijing, I still don’t know that it is a such fantastic games just like the common Olympic Games. I must give two thumbs up for all of them! (Or better four thumbs up, includes my toes? Hehehe…just kidding!:P)
Well…these are some of exciting events at the beginning of this month. I think I will divide this blog post into two parts. The second part I will tell about bad happening that I’ve had…but it’s still funny to be remembered………

Selasa, 26 Agustus 2008

Beijing 2008 - London 2012

Wow!!! Finally this is the end of my 'simple' articles about Beijing Olympic! Almost everyday, me and my family, follow every latest news about Olympic through CCTV, China's national TV channel. And luckily we didn't miss the closing ceremony of this greatest event of the year!
(Ok...now back to my national language, hehe..)

Yup...seperti foto di atas inilah salah satu pemandangan keren yang terjadi waktu Closing Ceremony tersebut diadakan. Detik-detik countdown acara pun berbeda dengan waktu pembukaan (yang memakai atraksi tabuhan gendang persegi bercahaya), kali ini dihitung dengan letusan kembang api yang berbentuk 10...9...8...sampai 1. Tepat pukul 08.08, total 90.000 tempat duduk penuh dengan para penonton termasuk presiden dan pejabat2 lain. Setelah atraksi2 kembang api spektakuler, stadion 'menggelap' dan pertunjukan lain pun dimulai, seperti gendang raksasa yang melayang di udara dengan masing2 penabuhnya...

Ribuan penari wanita berkostum unik(kostum kuning keemasan bertaburan ratusan lonceng2 kecil glow in the dark)menimbulkan bunyi kricikan yang keras sekali...kemudian para penari tsb berbaris membentuk sebuah track untuk sepeda roda satu aneh yang tiba-tiba keluar...dan susunan itu tampak indah sekali bila dilihat dari kejauhan.

Akhirnya keluar juga bendera2 dari 204 negara peserta dengan pembawanya masing2 berkumpul ke tengah stadion mengelilingi penari2 dan 2 anak kecil yang asyik bermain drum set besarnya. Para atlet 'tanpa beban' dari masing2 negara pun keluar dengan gaya lucu masing2...heboh bergaya di depan kamera yang menyoroti mereka. Semua tampak sangat antusias dan histeris! Ada yang sibuk 'meniupkan' ciuman ke arah kamera, ada yang melambai2kan bendera masing2, memamerkan medali perolehan, ada yang teriak2 dan ada juga yang sibuk merekam acara dengan handycam mereka. Beberapa atlet itu juga ada yang memakai pernak-pernik lucu seperti topi, bando, yang berciri khas negara masing2. Atlet tuan rumah juga ada yang meneriakkan,"Zhong Guo(China) number one!". Pada ketawa2 nih saat melihat aksi mereka!

Selanjutnya tibalah acara2 yang serius dan penuh khidmat. Ada sesi pemberian penghargaan kepada para Olympic Volunteer yang berjasa besar menyukseskan kegiatan ini, ada sesi penyerahan medali kepada atlet2 marathon, salah satunya dari Ethiopia. Kemudian sampai acara penyerahan bendera asli Olympic kepada tuan rumah seterusnya, Inggris, disertai lagu wajib yg berbahasa Yunani.

Tiba2 keluarlah pengendara2 sepeda dari Inggris dan sebuah bus besar yg bertuliskan London-Beijing-London. Oh! Ternyata inilah atraksi penyambutan warga UK terhadap kegiatan Olympic yang akan diselenggarakan 4 tahun mendatang!

Yang di atas inilah logo Olympic London 2012!

Kemudian banyak lagi kejutan2 yang muncul tiba2! Seperti bus besar yang terbuka tiba2 kemudian keluar dari atas, sebuah 'panggung' mini dan Leona Lewis....

muncul bersama gitaris Jimmy Page(yg udah tua)! Setelah bernyanyi sejenak...eh, tanpa diduga...muncul David Beckham yang langsung bikin heboh seluruh penonton! Dia mengambil bola dari seorang anak kemudian menendangnya ke arah tengah lapangan di mana para atlet berdiri dan akhirnya seorang petugas menangkapnya dengan gembira! Yeah...dia memang mewakili UK ke acara ini...Seterusnya banyak lagi selebritis yang muncul kemudian, seperti Jackie Chan, Emil Chow, Lee Hom Wang, dan lain sebagainya...Pokoknya, walaupun cuma menonton siaran langsungnya dari TV saja tapi kesan spektakulernya tetap terasa! Benar2 kehabisan kata2 deh! Two thumbs up!

Akhirnya...meskipun harus mengucapkan,"Sampai jumpa lagi!" kepada Beijing, tapi semangat Olympic tetap akan hidup sampai pesta Olympic selanjutnya di London, UK 2012 nantinya! Apakah UK juga bisa membuat kesuksesan sebesar ini? Yeah..kita tunggu saja!

Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2008

Some Unknown Facts

Haha...begitulah reaksiku saat mengetahui beberapa fakta dari seorang atlet renang USA yang super jago...Michael Phelps...aku rasa sudah banyak yang tahu nama ini ya...di koran ataupun televisi namanya sempat diperbincangkan...Yup, dialah atlet satu-satunya yang mendapat gold medal terbanyak di pesta olahraga dunia Beijing Olympic kali ini yaitu sebanyak 8 buah medali, a very lucky number,yeah?! Apalagi Michael yang lahir tanggal 30 Juni 1985 ini jugalah yang mencetak rekor renang tercepat!
Ada beberapa fun facts yang membuktikan kalau dia memang masih "seorang manusia biasa", haha...
* Michael selalu tertidur dengan TV yang masih menyala.
* Dia jarang mencari tahu berita tentang dirinya.
* Pernah disuruh latihan berenang sambil memakai sepatu olahraga oleh pelatihnya. Kata sang pelatih, supaya otot-otot kakinya kuat...
*Bila dia merentangkan kedua tangan 'pendayung'nya maka panjang keduanya konon bisa sampai 2 meter lebih dari tinggi badannya!
*Dia juga pernah ditangkap karena pelanggaran hukum seperti berenang di bawah pengaruh alkohol pada usia ke-19.
*Setiap dia lomba pasti selalu membawa dua macam topi renang.
*Video game-nya konon pernah disita sama pelatihnya!
Yah...begitulah beberapa hal yang berkaitan dengan dirinya...Oh ya, saat dia bertanding di Water Cube, Beijing, ibunya kelihatan selalu mengawasinya di bangku penonton.

Sementara itu...atlet lain, Liu Xiang, yang sangat dipuja warga RRC, malah gagal menyumbang emas ke-40 karena mengundurkan diri sebelum lomba dimulai gara-gara cedera di kakinya...Yup, sayang sekali...padahal para fans dan supporternya sudah pada beli ticket dan dengan perasaan antusias ingin menonton aksinya...akhirnya jadi kecewa sekali. Tapi menurut kabar, sebelum akhirnya Liu Xiang menyatakan permohonan maaf berkaitan dengan keputusan mengejutkannya ini, tidak ada orang yang menyalahkan keputusan Liu Xiang kali ini dan tetap menghormatinya sebagai pahlawan mereka.

Nah ini dia...manusia ter'cepat' di dunia, Usain Bolt from Jamaica!!! Baru2 (20 Agustus '08) ini si pemilik nickname "Lightning Bolt" meraih medali emas di cabang atletik lari 200m dengan waktu 19.30 detik! Dan dia juga memecah rekor dunia atletik cabang lari sebelumnya dari Michael Johnson. Pencapaiannya di Bird Nest Beijing lalu juga diraih sehari sebelum ultahnya! Oleh karena itu setelah diketahui siapa pemenang dari cabang atletik lari ini, lagu "Happy Birthday" pun dikumandangkan di stadion untuk merayakan hari tersebut!
Selain Usain(baca:Husein), atlet2 lain dari Jamaica, baik pria atau wanita, juga berhasil mendulang emas di cabang lari tersebut. Sehingga bisa disimpulkan kalau negara Jamaica adalah penghasil manusia-manusia tercepat di dunia! Setidaknya itulah yang sempat dikatakan oleh pemerintah Jamaica atas kesuksesan atlet2 mereka.

Roger Federer...pasti juga banyak yang sudah tahu siapa ini...Yup, setelah gagal meraih emas di Beijing Olympic kali ini, dia harus merelakan posisi peringkat satu dunia di cabang Tennis kepada Rafael Nadal yang pernah mengalahkannya di pertandingan Wimbledon lalu. Dan sekarang kabarnya para rival Roger Federer sudah tidak takut lagi padanya! Masa jayanya sudah turun dan saatnya bagi atlet lain untuk menggantikan posisinya!
Wah...malang juga nasib bintang iklan Rolex ini ya....apakah kabar tersebut memang benar atau Roger Federer mampu kembali merebut kejayaannya? Well...kita tunggu saja!

Yeah...seperti kata orang2, kemenangan dan kekalahan sudah biasa terjadi apalagi di dunia olahraga seperti ini...tapi bagaimanapun 'nasib' mereka, sepertinya harus tetap sportif menghadapinya. Oleh karena itu, setiap usaha mereka patut kita hargai dan teladani! : )

Senin, 18 Agustus 2008


Whew...akhir-akhir ini di rumahku sedang ikut 'terjangkit' demam Olympic...setiap TV di rumah dinyalakan, pasti yang diputar pertandingan-pertandingan Olympic baik siaran langsung ataupun rekaman...tapi sepertinya lebih baik yang beginian daripada tayangan2 yang tidak berguna...
Sampai saat ini, ada beberapa tayangan pertandingan yang menurutku seru banget! Di antaranya :
1. Weightlifting Women (nonton di CCTV7)
Lomba yang ini tergolong kategori favoritku dan di kategori ini juga emas pertama RRC diperoleh!
Gold medal: China, oleh Chen Xie Xia, total berat yg diangkat sampai 212
kg lho!Silver medal: Turki, oleh Sibel Ozkan
Bronze medal: Taipei, oleh Chen Wei Ling.
Melihat aksi wanita2 perkasa ini bikin salut aja!
2. 10 m Air Pistol Men(ini nih aksi para sniper handal!)Gold: China, oleh Pang Wei
Silver: South Korea
Bronze : North Korea
3&4. Volleyball Woman (Jepang vs USA),(China vs Venezuela) yang dua ini cukup sengit!
5. Synchronised 10 m platform Men(lompat indah)
Gold: China, oleh pasangan Lin Yue dan Huo Liang(mereka dijuluki Yue Liang Zhu He, yang artinya The Moon team, diambil dari nama belakang mereka masing2).
Silver: Germany
6. Athletic team competition Men(penuh gerakan yang energik dan keren! Masing2 team terdiri dari enam orang).
Gold: China, oleh Li Xiao Peng(the most handsome one,he..he..), Yang Wei(pernah membintangi iklan minuman),Wang Xu, Xiao Qin, Zhou Kai(anggota paling muda, baru berusia 20 thn).
Silver: Japan
Bronze: USA
7. Sama seperti yang no.6, tapi yang Women
Gold: China, oleh Chen Ruo Lin dan Wang Xin, yang masing2 masih berumur 16 tahun! Tapi lompatan mereka memang bagus bgt! Beberapa hari sebelum bertanding, Wang Xin sempat merayakan Ultahnya yang ke-16!)
8. INI NIH YANG AKU TONTON SAMPAI PAKE TERIAK2 SEGALA! *Ganda campuran Badminton, Indonesia vs China, di siaran langsung CCTV2! Ditemani teriakan "Indo!Indo!"oleh audience dari Indonesia, akhirnya pasangan Lilyana Natsir & Nova Widianto memenangkan pertandingan semifinal dengan score terakhir 23vs 21!Perebutan nilai begitu sengit!Tapi akhirnya KO juga (meraih perak)setelah bertanding melawan Korsel!But it's okay...*Ganda campuran kedua, Vita Marissa & Flandy Limpele vs LeeHyoJung & LeeYong Dae dan akhirnya dimenangkan oleh Korea di set ketiga! Tapi sayang, mereka tidak berhasil meraih perunggu...

*Dan yang ini nih...Pertandingan Ganda Putra(Markis Kido&Hendra Setiawan) yang berhasil meraih EMAS buat Indonesia setelah melawan Cai Yun dan Fu Hai Feng dari China dengan score terakhir di set ketiga, 21 vs 16!!! Congratz! Bahkan sang Pak Pelatih langsung menyergap ke depan memeluk Markis dan Hendra sampai ketiganya jatuh telungkup ke tanah, haha...Syukurlah aku nggak melewatkan siaran pertandingan ini!


Ho...ho...finally I get a free time to continue my blog!
After some busy&exhausting days (gara2 orientasi kampus dan sibuk nonton pertandingan2 Beijing Olympic'08 yang super duper seru!)then I think this is the time to share a bit with you, friend!
By the way, have you watched the Opening ceremony? It was so amazing!
Walaupun cuma dari TV (dari siaran langsung channel TV China, CCTV1) tapi suasana spektakulernya kerasa banget!
Sorotan cahayanya, penampilan indah dari stadion Bird Nest dan Water Cube ,atraksi2nya(tari2an,gulungan naskah kuno raksasa,duet lagu keren<<Wo he Ni>> atau "You and Me" oleh penyanyi terkenal China, Liu Huan dan Sarah
Brightman,penyalaan obor raksasa Olympiade oleh mantan atlet China, Li Ning, replika 'Bird Nest' yang dibentuk oleh ratusan pria berbaju hijau neon,pertunjukan megah ttg dinasti kuno China yang disusun oleh sutradara ternama, Zhang Yi Mou,pertunjukan kembang api,dll. ) jumlah penontonnya, belum lagi banyak pemimpin2 negara yang hadir! Kemudian sebanyak 204 kontingen atlet dari berbagai negara yang datang, kontingen pertama dari Greece, sedangkan Indonesia di nomor ke 53 kemudian diakhiri kontingen China dengan Yao Ming, si pebasket, yang jadi pembawa bendera nasional...pokoknye, aku merasa pesta pembukaan kali ini benar2 sukses! And also I feel really lucky to have an opportunity to watch this big event in the very special day(08/08/08)!

Kamis, 31 Juli 2008

Setelah Sekian Lama...

Wah....udah lama nggak buat posting-an baru sejak yang ttg Kungfu Panda...udah satu bulan lebih tepatnya!
Well, selama liburan super panjang ini (kayaknya nggak bisa dibilang liburan deh...karena udah lulus sih..) terasa agak monoton...selain tiga kali seminggu masuk kelas foundation bahasa, sisanya cuma 'ber-meditasi' di rumah dan main kartu UNO, hehe... gara-gara bosan main pake cara standar, ini cara main yang rada extreme...

Ini UNO card tower tingkat 4....

Dan yang ini yang bertingkat 5, hehe...
But...beberapa hari lalu ortu gue mengajak refreshing ke Taman Ahmad Yani! Boleh juga tuh! Udah lama bgt nggak ke sana bahkan udah lupa kapan terakhir kali ke sana...selain jogging gue nyempatin foto-foto juga...hehehe...

Selain itu masih ada foto bareng keluarga!Ini bareng adik gue lo! Bukan big brother! Gara-gara dah remaja, tingginya jadi sama kayak papa gue.....gue jadi terasa menyusut...

Yang di sebelah kanan gue ini my elder sister! Dia yang menjepret-jepret semuanya! Well...walaupun di taman itu udara terasa sejuk bgt tapi masih ada yang kurang...sampah yang dibuang sembarangan banyak banget! Kok nggak ada yang nyapu ya? Hhh....

Oh ya, terhitung dari tanggal ini...Acara pembukaan Beijing Olympic yang sudah digembar-gemborkan jauh-jauh hari itu tinggal 8 hari lagi loh! I can't wait for it! This must be the biggest event ever-made in the world this year! Untunglah di rumah ada terpasang channel TV RRC karena pasti acara tersebut bakal disiarkan ke seluruh dunia!!! Nggak boleh dilewatkan deh!

Rabu, 25 Juni 2008


Hohoho.....Udah pada nonton kartun ini belom? Saran gue, jangan nggak nonton!
Seru dan kocak abis deh! Selain itu juga sarat dengan ajaran moral! Suitable for all ages, hehe!
Ya, film animasi garapan Dreamworks ini gue tonton bareng sohib2 gue minggu lalu di Sun.
Gak rugi deh nontonnya bahkan sepertinya lebih enak nonton yang beginian daripada yang serem2...walaupun gue juga suka nonton yang horor...tapi pas keluar dari ruangan bioskop, semua pada nyengir-nyengir karena ulah menggelikan si Panda Po, sang tokoh utama yang suaranya diisi Jack Black...itu tuh, yang ikutan main di film King Kong.
Selain itu, sederet aktor-aktris terkenal juga ikut menyumbangkan suara, seperti Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, dsb. Jadi, buat yang blom nonton buruan beli DVD-nya (ini bukan iklan) dijamin bakal mengocok perutmu, oh ya sekalian buat merayakan kelulusan UN kemarin...YEAY!

Minggu, 18 Mei 2008


Okay...seperti yang aku dah bilang di postingan sebelumnya...hari ini aku mau cerita2 dulu tentang di Parapat! Oh ya, thanks buat my best friend yang dah mo bagi2 foto dari kameranya...yah...apa bole buat ya...waktu ke Prapat, Hape-ku tiba2 bermasalah, padahal dah banyak foto di dalam...
Sblmnya aku mau cerita dikit...Kmaren2 aku, Christine dan SP ke Pasar Ramai nyari lagu2 Jepang trus ketemu yang cocok! Di dalamnya ada lagu UTada'Hikki'Hikaru, judulnya The Flavour of Life (versi ballad)beserta videoklipnya...br pertama kali denger aku langsung jatuh cinta! Keren bgt lagunya! gak salah kalo aku lumayan mengidolakan Hikki!

Dah denger blom? Kalau blom, buruan nyari trus denger!
Oke deh...
Nah...ini aku(in red dress/ di kanan) bersama best friend gue,Christine, dan teman-teman sekelas lagi di perahu menuju Pulau Ambarita, nyempat-nyempatin foto2 bareng!
And then this one...
Kalo yang ini aku bareng Evina, salah satu best friend gue...dia dinobatkan sbg Miss Hot&Sexy loh, hehe...waktu melihat background pegunungan di belakang kok kepikiran film Jurassic Park ya?Haha...
Foto ini diambil di bagian terbelakang kapal...dari kiri, aku, Christine, Evina, dan Ria A.W!Gimana, keren nggak?Yang ini diambil dari pintu masuk sebelah kanan kapal(dari lt. 2), kalo gak salah, dan di bawah, ada beberapa temen2 yang kayaknya gak sayang nyawa lagi...hahaha..nggak lah, becanda..tapi memang bener2 berbahaya loh! Don't try this!

Nah..yang ini diambil ketika kita semua dah nyampe Prapat, tepatnya HOTEL NIAGARA! Bagus bgt deh pemandangannya! Udaranya sejuk...nggak nyesel deh datang kemari! Senang.......ng banget!

yang ini aku bareng Christine dan Evina(yang motret), lagi berpose di jembatan yang menghubungkan hotel dengan areal bermain...kita ke sana karena Evina teringat akan masa kecilnya yang indah, hehehe...juga karena dia udah pernah datang ke Hotel ini, jadi dia tahu tempat yang oke buat jadi objek foto-foto!

Ini aku bareng Evina lagi berpose di hamparan rumput yang luas...luas banget jadi adem lihatnya...bisa melihat langit yang begitu luas di atas...ditambah lagi segar bgt udaranya! pertama kali datang cumakita ber-3, kedua kalinya udah jumpa anak-anak kelas lain yang berlibur...
Yup! kayak gini dulu deh kira2 postingan kali ini! Pokoknya acara kelas ke Prapat wkt itu asyik bgt! kekompakan juga semakin terjalin erat! kalau ada waktu lagi, semoga akan ada acara kumpul2 sekelas yang seasyik ini! Oh ya, buat siapapun yang membutuhkan ketenangan dan suasana baru untuk melepas stress, entah karena pekerjaan atau isu BBM yang bakal naik...boleh deh ke Prapat! hehehe.....jayus nggak ya?
*thanks buat temen2 yang dah kasih komentar!

Selasa, 29 April 2008

MUSIM UJIAN........!

Hhhhh.......cape deh....ujian melulu....benar-benar butuh refreshing nih! Oh ya..bentar lagi mo jalan-jalan ke Prapat bareng temen-temen sekelas! Nanti gue posting deh fotonya! Sekian dulu deh...pusing nih...

Selasa, 08 April 2008


DKJ kembali menyelenggarakan sayembara menulis novel. “Hubbu” adalah contoh sukses DKJ.
Berikut infonya:
Untuk merangsang dan meningkatkan kreativitas pengarang Indonesia dalam penulisan novel, Dewan Kesenian Jakarta kembali menyelenggarakan Sayembara Menulis Novel. Lewat sayembara ini, DKJ berharap akan lahir novel-novel terbaik, baik dari pengarang Indonesia yang sudah punya nama maupun pemula, yang memperlihatkan kebaruan dalam bentuk dan isi.
Ketentuan Umum:
Peserta adalah warga negara Indonesia (dibuktikan dengan Kartu Tanda Penduduk atau bukti identitas lainnya).
Peserta boleh mengirimkan lebih dari satu naskah.
Naskah belum pernah dipublikasikan dalam bentuk apa pun, baik sebagian maupun seluruhnya.
Naskah tidak sedang diikutkan dalam sayembara serupa. Naskah dan judul ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia yang baik.
Tema bebas.
Ketentuan Khusus:
Panjang naskah minimal 100 halaman A4, 1,5 spasi, Times New Roman ukuran 12.
Peserta menyertakan biodata dan alamat lengkap dalam lembar tersendiri, di luar naskah.
Lima salinan naskah (rangkap lima) yang diketik dan dijilid dikirim ke: Panitia Sayembara Menulis Novel DKJ 2008
Dewan Kesenian Jakarta
Jl. Cikini Raya 73 Jakarta 10330Telp. 021-3193 7639 / 316 2780
Batas akhir pengiriman naskah: 31 Agustus 2008 (cap pos atau diantar langsung).
Para Pemenang akan diumumkan dalam Malam Anugerah Sayembara Menulis Novel DKJ 2008 di Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, pada akhir Desember 2008. Hak Cipta dan hak penerbitan naskah peserta sepenuhnya berada pada penulis. Keputusan Dewan Juri tidak dapat diganggu gugat dan tidak diadakan surat-menyurat. Pajak ditanggung pemenang. Sayembara ini tertutup bagi anggota Dewan Kesenian Jakarta Periode 2006—2009.
Juara I: Rp 20.000.000
Juara II: Rp 15.000.000
Juara III: Rp 12.500.000


Well, finally I have a free time to continue writing my blog....
What's up everybody? Oh, now I'm so bored and tired... why? cause I have to study for this coming exam!!! Shit!!
But that's alright...however..it's for my future...
Now I'm in computer lab with my classmates. The instructor doesn't come today...so we can play internet as we want...
I think only a few weeks left until I gonna face UAN, the final exam from the goverment, and then I'll be graduated with my friends on May/June.
Hope everything's gonna be alright....
Ups, I almost forgot! I will make a new blog with lots of surprise inside...I'll tell you if I've done it.
Please visit! Thank you!
NB: Does anyone know how to apply for Google AdSense? And how to make a link to another page in blogs?
I'm sorry if my English is not so correct according to the grammatical order! But I'll try to make it better!

Rabu, 06 Februari 2008


Today is the last day of the PIG year according to the Lunar calendar. And it is so exciting to realize that tomorrow is gonna be a new year! Is it the time for mice all over the world to 'show-off'?
In this spring season, we'll find lots of item with red and gold colors spread everywhere in every town where we can meet Chinese people! My mom has also prepared so much for this unforgettable moment! Plates full of delicious meals will be served tonight and the whole family will gather to enjoy this wonderful joy together!! Slurp..!
Well, I hope not only my wishes but also everybody's wishes will be granted in this
"Mickey&Minnie" year! Wish the best for our country , our friends, and our family!
Oh, what I almost forgotten is this 2008 is also called as "Olympic Year" by China. Just like what I watch in TV, they are sooooo.... ready of preparing the best for every country while the day is approaching slowly but sure. They are really promising a spectacular international sport event for every people around the world! Perhaps if I have had enough money for travelling, I shall choose Beijing, China as my first destination in 2008!
By the way, although it's really fun to celebrate Chinese New Year, we can't forget about our environment! They deserve a good attitude from us. Many parties will be held for Chinese New Year/Spring New Year and every parties will produce waste products and rubbish much more than usual day. What we must awake for is about the danger of rubbish that will give a huge contribution for CH4 and CO2 gases into the air. These gases will cause a big danger to our environment!
For information, for average of every one thousand kilograms of rubbish will make 50 kilograms of CH4 gas to the atmosphere. CH4 gas might exist in the atmosphere for about 7-10 years and can increase the temperature for about 1.3 Celcius/year! If this happen, we really don't give any solution for global warming!
So, it's our obligation to try to reduce rubbish in our area. Just for example, in this Chinese New Year, each of the youngsters and teenagers (including me!) are expecting for the famous "Ang-pao"", the little red envelope contains money. But if every Ang-pao receivers only takes the money and just throw away the Ang-pao paper, imagine how many paper will be wasted like this? Because usually some cute and lovable pictures are printed on the Ang-pao paper, why don't we cut it down and use it as decoration or maybe become stickers to collect? I think it is quite affordable!
Let us be a better person in this coming 'mouse' year!!!!!

Kamis, 17 Januari 2008

First BLOG 2008!!!!!!!!


Ini dia blog pertama gue di tahun 2008. Setelah melewati sederetan rutinitas seperti biasanya, akhirnya gue baru punya waktu nulis yang baru.

Apa kabar semuanya? Moga-moga resolusi tahun barunya bisa terwujud semua dengan baik!!!

Oh ya, di tahun yang baru ini gue harus punya sesuatu yang baru untuk dilakukan, tentunya harus yang berguna dong! Sekarang di rumah gue lagi praktekin cara membuat Garbage Enzyme.

Suatu 'ramuan' yang dapat mencegah bertambahnya limbah yang mengotori lingkungan dan kalau digunakan oleh banyak orang akan membantu mengurangi dampak pemanasan global loh!!! Tapi 'ramuan'nya belum jadi. Nggak tahu berhasil atau tidak. Resepnya gue dapat dari sebuah majalah kesehatan dari Malaysia. Kalau berhasil, bakal gue posting resep tersebut sampai sedetil-detilnya! Semoga yang lain juga mau mencoba membuat enzyme ini!!!

Seperti yang pernah gue tulis sebelumnya, pencegahan disaster akibat global warming yang semakin hari semakin parah harus dimulai dari diri kita sendiri! Sebenarnya hal-hal kecil yang kita anggap sepele sebenarnya bisa sangat membantu memperkecil masalah loh! Mulailah dengan mengurangi pemakaian plastic bag dengan boros, tidak membuang sampah di sembarangan, misalnya di sungai(klise tapi benar banget!!), mengganti bohlam di rumah dengan lampu hemat energi, dll. Aku yakin sudah banyak sekali pihak-pihak yang menekankan hal ini tapi masih banyak tuh yang sama sekali kagak ngerti dan menyepelekannya begitu saja. Padahal dengan sikap acuh tak acuhnya itu, sebenarnya dia sedang ikut serta membawa bencana besar untuk orang-orang di sekitarnya dan bahkan untuk dirinya sendiri!