Minggu, 22 Maret 2009

Cocoa to chocolate

Yo! Blogging again!
Hwahahaha….This Sunday I feel relax bcoz my project for the afternoon class has been done on time. Then last week when my Mom was talking with the housekeeper, suddenly I heard from her that she planted some Cocoa bean at her small backyard of her house. Therefore, I asked her,”Bik, how does the inner part of Cocoa look like?”

She replied,”Oh, you can’t figure it out if I just decribed it to you. You must see it yourself. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring it for you.”
“Hah? Really?! Gee, thanks!”I said. And she really did it.

She said that there is a wide variety of Cocoa fruit growth in different places. Some of them have a reddish skin, some of them will be yellow if they are ripe. And this is the first time for me to see Cocoa in front of me! Very close to me! I wonder how this Cocoa can transform into the most delicious and famous Chocolate. There must be a long process until it can become Cocoa powder and even Chocolate.

And after I cut it into two, I was quite ‘amazed’ when the seeds came out. Hoho…the milky white flesh sure looked appetizing. But after I tasted one, my face became like this:

It’s sour! Huekk….! Almost like Mangosteen…!

and when I bit it, the bitter and undescribable taste came out. That time I knew, the Chocolate factory must have used a lot of sugar to make it sweet! That’s why some people said that Chocolate is not good if we eat it a lot!

The housekeeper also said that she must dry the Cocoa beans off under the sunlight and after that she can sell them to the factory.
Huhu…Finally I’ve seen the real Cocoa and even taste the weird flavor…This makes me love Chocolate more and more!

N.B : this is the Cocoa bean after it has been cut into two pieces. :)

Senin, 09 Maret 2009

Fuaaahhh....! (What the...?!)

Hehehe...three(actually two, Saturday is a free day for college student like me...)holidays in-a-row! Enough for me to take a deep breath of relief after those final exam! Yeah, it's over!
But there are still some annoying assignments and tasks I have to do! Never mind-lah!
Oh ya, udah lama gak nge-blog... tapi akhir-akhir ini baca koran(rutinitas gue juga) banyak bgt kejadian2 yang Hhhhh....memprihatinkan...! Misalnya insiden di NTU, Singapore tuh! Weleh2!
Dan AKHIRNYA! PRESENTASI gue di kampus selesai sudah!!! Gue benar2 'mencair' setelah giliran gue selesai! Berhari-hari gue stress abiz gara-gara mikirin tuh! Makan, mandi, sampe 'boker' pun kepikir! Stress bgt! Pasalnya gue nih kalo harus berdiri di hadapan belasan orang sambil mempresentasikan sesuatu tuh, bagaimana kerasnya berlatih, tetap aja hasilnya grogi plus tersendat-sendat ngomongnya alias gagap non-permanen hehe...
Tapi teman-teman gue tuh bilang bagus karena gue ngomong pake bahasa Inggris(buat dapat nilai plus!), mungkin buat menghibur gue yang udah hampir 'menggila' karena depresi kali ya!
Ada teman gue yang maki2 dosennya gara-gara bikin dia mati gaya di depan kelas! Memang sih, presentasi dia kacau abiz...udah ruang kelasnya dingin bgt, tambah stress aja!
Well...gini deh uneg2 gue...sekian dulu ya, mo ngerjain tugas2 lain yang udah gak sabar nungguin gue, hehehe...Bye!