Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008


Finally I have a little free time here(nyolong waktu ber-internet ria waktu dosen blom datang xP !) to (Bahkan ada satu temanku yang udh protes gara2 gak nulis posting yang baru lagi!)continue writing my blog! Haiya, because of many reasons like assignments, mid tests, etc. I really don't have time just to do my hobbies,especially blogging(luckily today the lecturer come late!). It's been a month already! And at last my favorite month has come! October! Hahaha...various events will (had) happen(ed) this month! And later I will post some photos (including the request from my friends, they want to know how my 'new' hairstyle looks like!Hehe.. :)) that related to the events! This month, there will be Halloween! Yeah, I love this "horror-but-fun" day! And then my B-day...eng...ing...eng...(after my grandma's 82th B-day!) is also coming towards! HAHAHA........
Oh ya, yesterday I listened to my friend in campus about the 'doomsday'(Gila...bikin serem aja wkt dengerin berita dari dia) She said that according to what the scientist/experts predicted that in the year of 2012 on the December, there will be our doomsday! Believe it or not!(bahkan katanya dari ramalan suku Maya sudah tertulis bhw beribu tahun yang akan datang setelah zaman mereka akan ada sebuah peristiwa besar yang terjadi!) I hope it is not true and that is not the end of the world! But anyway...I think we shouldn't be afraid and just do the positive things, haha! Well...I suggest you (just like what my friend told me)to open this blog or just type '2012 year' on the search engine(GOOGLE) to check whether it is true or not!
I think now I must end this blog and hope I will have another closer time to write something again(because my lecturer has come!!)
N.B: Aku pengen banget nonton film keren"LASKAR PELANGI" kalau ada waktu!!! Dan Postingan kali ini banyak brackets-nya :P

2 komentar:

chikabi_13 mengatakan...

laskar pelangi? why?

finally!!! you write your blog!

Ah, seems like you have good days in your college, but I don't.
I have a bad days...T___T

OCtober! your birtday is close! 18 years old? right? or 87? lol...
anyway, you have internet in your college?! luckily... I don't...

terus..nge-blog kan cuma bentar! pulang kerumah siapin 10 menit aja kan udah cukup man!!!!

yeah. that's it.

no...where's your photo???!!!!

LV_iluvblog mengatakan...

Hwa..ha..ha..the matter is I can't always use internet in my house! In the morning till afternoon my Dad has to use the telephone line for his business! Kan aku gak pake Speedy...trus ada kuliah sore dan banyak tugas bok!
So you have a bad day? Don't think about it, take it easy, and hope everything will be better! :)