Minggu, 15 Februari 2009


Yesterday was Valentine day. It is a day that being ‘worshipped’ by almost everyone in the world. This is a L-O-V-E day and usually identical to couples. But for those who are still single, hehe…can celebrate Valentine in many ways too, with friends and/or family.
Celebrating Valentine day doesn’t have to make a big party. A simple way will also become meaningful, like what my Mom did yesterday evening.

Actually nothing special was happening until the sky became dark… I was using computer, my Dad was doing his tasks, my Sister and little brother was watching TV. We were too busy with our ‘business’ and didn’t pay attention to my Mom in the kitchen, preparing dinner for us. Then suddenly she came to the living room and brought a special menu for us! A heart-shaped steam rice with corn, shitake mushroom and pork. Absolutely delicious!

We were surprised and of course, felt very happy! The atmosphere was getting warm, full of Mom’s love, hehehe….Thanks a lot Mom! :)
That evening had become a simple yet lovely Valentine moment!


Jumat, 13 Februari 2009


Last Monday, the night of Cap Go Meh (February 9th), my Dad brought us (my Mom, my Sis, and me)to visit THE GRAND VIHARA MAITREYA at Cemara Asri Complex(my little brother didn't want to go bcoz he prefered to watch BLACK CAT Anime at home).
I’ve heard that this huge temple is very famous in Medan but that night was the first time for me to go there so I was quite curious about it. And after we arrived there (that day was a very lucky day, we got a strategic parking place in front of the temple when so many visitors were also looking for it!) I was totally amazed to see how magnificent it is!!! Hundreds of light bulbs made the temple looked so beautiful! We were also welcomed by two gigantic statue of China’s legendary creatures, Qi Ling(It has a body of Lion and head of Dragon) in front of the Vihara. After we got inside, thousands of Chinese people had already come to enjoy the atmosphere! No matter old or young, all of them looked very happy!
There were also some unique and fun spots, like a wishing tree. It is a Cherry blossom tree, actually. Lots of papers with wishes from visitors were attached to the branches. We visitors, can used a long stick prepared by the temple to hang up our papers to the highest branch we could reach! Beside of the wishing tree, there is a big statue of smiling Buddha Maitreya. Many people prayed for His blessings and touched His feet, belly, or big pocket to ask for luck! It’s so unique, I think, and also the first time for me to see that! :) We also met my forth uncle, grandmother, and my cousins there! Oh ya, there were a lot of beautiful fireworks which were not only enjoyed by Chinese people who celebrate Cap Go Meh Festival but also many people with different religion had come to enjoy the atmosphere! That night, all of us really had a lot of fun under the bright full moon!
N.B: Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my pocket camera that night so I can’t take the pictures of those happy moments… huhu…X(

Selasa, 03 Februari 2009


After those holidays, I think I should be ready to deal with my activities again, like going back to campus. But this morning I was astonished because nobody was in the class! It made me think again and again, I was not late to class and based on the announcement, college activities will be started again on 2nd of February, what the hell is happening actually?! This morning I've wasted some money on the street and then going home with disappointment and felt hopeless!
Now I'm confused of whether I should go to college again tomorrow but I'm afraid that today's incident will be repeated again....hopefully not! X0