Rabu, 06 Februari 2008


Today is the last day of the PIG year according to the Lunar calendar. And it is so exciting to realize that tomorrow is gonna be a new year! Is it the time for mice all over the world to 'show-off'?
In this spring season, we'll find lots of item with red and gold colors spread everywhere in every town where we can meet Chinese people! My mom has also prepared so much for this unforgettable moment! Plates full of delicious meals will be served tonight and the whole family will gather to enjoy this wonderful joy together!! Slurp..!
Well, I hope not only my wishes but also everybody's wishes will be granted in this
"Mickey&Minnie" year! Wish the best for our country , our friends, and our family!
Oh, what I almost forgotten is this 2008 is also called as "Olympic Year" by China. Just like what I watch in TV, they are sooooo.... ready of preparing the best for every country while the day is approaching slowly but sure. They are really promising a spectacular international sport event for every people around the world! Perhaps if I have had enough money for travelling, I shall choose Beijing, China as my first destination in 2008!
By the way, although it's really fun to celebrate Chinese New Year, we can't forget about our environment! They deserve a good attitude from us. Many parties will be held for Chinese New Year/Spring New Year and every parties will produce waste products and rubbish much more than usual day. What we must awake for is about the danger of rubbish that will give a huge contribution for CH4 and CO2 gases into the air. These gases will cause a big danger to our environment!
For information, for average of every one thousand kilograms of rubbish will make 50 kilograms of CH4 gas to the atmosphere. CH4 gas might exist in the atmosphere for about 7-10 years and can increase the temperature for about 1.3 Celcius/year! If this happen, we really don't give any solution for global warming!
So, it's our obligation to try to reduce rubbish in our area. Just for example, in this Chinese New Year, each of the youngsters and teenagers (including me!) are expecting for the famous "Ang-pao"", the little red envelope contains money. But if every Ang-pao receivers only takes the money and just throw away the Ang-pao paper, imagine how many paper will be wasted like this? Because usually some cute and lovable pictures are printed on the Ang-pao paper, why don't we cut it down and use it as decoration or maybe become stickers to collect? I think it is quite affordable!
Let us be a better person in this coming 'mouse' year!!!!!