Sabtu, 13 September 2008


Walah...the beginning of this month is really full of unbelievable and unforgettable moments-lah,hehe..!!!
Some of them really worn me out (so exhausting!), some of them make me excited!
It is hard to predict, honestly! He..he..
Okelah…(entah kenapa lagi pengen nulis pake bahasa Inggris)…let me start from something that made me HAPPY :) a few days ago…
I have already forgotten the date or when was it happened but at that time I went to Pasar Ramai, a famous traditional market in Medan, with my elder sister to ‘browse’ for something(after I had finally changed my hairstyle in nearby salon :)). Then we came to a stall selling DVDs and MP3s. Both of us tried to look for some latest music CDs. While my sis were searching for Jay Chow’s singles, I also tried to look for the Japanese Pop music CD. I know that it is hard to find Japanese Songs(the new songs, not the old one) in Medan, except if we just download it from Internet.
But…..when my fingers were selecting the CDs, my eyes caught something what I hope for! A VCD with 12 singles of my favorite artists (NEWS, Yui, BoA, Tegomass, Koda Kumi, etc.)! Yahooo…!
After I checked for a while(if it has broken or not) then without hesitate I paid for it(only cost five thousand rupiah per CD, see how affordable!). And when I have watched the contain inside, I really fall in love with a single from Tegomass-AiAiGasa!

It is absolutely a nice song with a wonderful dreamy videoclip(the little boy in the MV looks like a real Nobita…so cupu,hehe…)! I wonder if you have listened to it…but I think you should!

Okay…this is something nice that happened this month. Oh, I think I must share with you a lil’bit about Paralympic Games in Beijing.
These days I have watched several of great competitions, besides the opening ceremony, from TV together with my family. I was amazed with their fighting spirit although they (the athletes) are invalid. Some of them, who are blind, played soccer. Do you know how do they make sure the direction of the ball? Yup…inside the ball, there are something which can produce sound when the ball is moved(being kicked or thrown) by the player. That’s why they still can play soccer even they can’t see. Some of the athletes, using the special designed wheelchair, played basketball and tabletennis, or ran in marathon track. Oh ya, do you know how the ‘wheelchair-ed’ athlete do the weightlifting?...They only have to lay on a place and at the same time lift the weightbar above him/her. Before Paralympic Games being held in Beijing, I still don’t know that it is a such fantastic games just like the common Olympic Games. I must give two thumbs up for all of them! (Or better four thumbs up, includes my toes? Hehehe…just kidding!:P)
Well…these are some of exciting events at the beginning of this month. I think I will divide this blog post into two parts. The second part I will tell about bad happening that I’ve had…but it’s still funny to be remembered………