Rabu, 31 Desember 2008


Tomorrow is going to be 2009! GOSH!
It’s quite hard to believe that today is the end of 2008! A tough year, isn’t it? Well…this makes me ponder for a while, what have I done for this year?What are the good or bad things I’ve done in 2008? All of the good deeds should be maintained and improved but the bad ones must be reduced and decreased! This afternoon, my Mom, my sister, and me were busy enough bcoz we cleaned the entire house due to the next Chinese New Year. It’s really full of dust…but the cleaning process was quite fun, hehe…I found some ‘neglected’ stuffs that were kept for a long time in the cupboard and drawer….
2009 is approaching, very close to us now...what will happen in this coming New Year? Hope everything will be better, including the global economic condition, hahaha…. By the way, have you made any New Year’s resolutions? It’s the time for us to CHANGE! It’s a new beginning! Yeah, I’ve made some planning and I wish I can achieve success and something great from them, hehe…I also hope that all of your planning and wishes will be accomplished too!
After all, in this 2009, we must dare to be different (in a positive way)!

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