Minggu, 16 November 2008

A Relaxing Weekend

Fiuh….finally the mid-tests were over and I think I deserve something nice after all that stressful tests and assignments! Yeah…that’s why this morning I bought a pack of delicious Chocolate drink and decided to watch the DVDs which I borrowed from my friend. Those DVD’s are Japanese movies or it’s better to say, J-dorama.
Although I just watched one of them, the film really made me almost forgot about those ‘pressure’ I got from campus! The Dorama is so entertaining! The main actor is Tomohisa Yamashita(Yama-P)! Yeah! It’s quite funny to watch his acting in the film. The title of the Dorama is Proposal Daisakusen(Operation Love).Yama-P(also known as the leader of the famous Japanese boy band, NewS) acted as Iwase Ken(Kenzo) and Masami Nagasawa is the main actress, acted as Yoshida Rei. Ken and Rei have been classmate since they were children. From their best friend relationship, they finally realize that actually they fall in love with each other but it’s hard for Ken to express his feeling, although Rei has shown her ‘love signs’ to Ken. Poor Ken, he doesn’t realize every ‘signs’ given by Rei and this makes Rei feels disappointed and upset. At last she married to a young teacher, Tada. Ken deeply regret and he can only hope if everything can be repeated again, he promise he will change everything. Suddenly, a “fairy godfather”, along with a heavenly choir(Halleluya!Halleluya!), appears to help Ken. He is sent back to the past as a second chance to repair his relationship with Rei…..
This Dorama is not only funny but it is also a bit touching… . There are a lot of running scenes in the movie which acted by Yama-P. This is the first time for me to watch his acting and I think besides singing, he is quite good in acting too! Yama-P still looks cute in the movie and Masami Nagasawa is so pretty! Especially when she wears her wedding gown! Well…this is about Proposal Daisakusen and there are still 3 DVDs more that I haven’t watched yet. One of them is Nodame Cantabile! This film is taken from the comic version with a same title. My friend told me that it is also a nice film! Maybe I’ll watch it next time! :)

5 komentar:

chikabi_13 mengatakan...

ini proposal daisakusen kan?
ah! kalo yg terbaru di j-stars itu CODE BLUE.
yamapi main sama toda erika dan Yui aragaki. udah tamat dramanya. cuma mo muncul tayangan special 10 januari 2009 selama 2 jam!

yamapi rambutnya udah panjang kriwil2 semnjak code blue~
semenjak itu, aku sering bgt liat aktor jpn lainnya yg sejenis itu rambut na.

yamapi udah terkenal banget bo! jadi jgn ditanya lagi kemampuan aktingnya!! *fans sejati* ahhahaha

LV_iluvblog mengatakan...

Lu sdh pernah nonton? kalo udah pasti lu setuju sama aku kalo film ini lucu dan bagus ya?!

neko-chan mengatakan...

i'm jelous..
udah gk ada pnyambut..
mala ntn dvd bagus..
aku mauuuuuuuuuu..............

btw, LTP..
kapan mo bawa cucumu ini jalan2, po?
bersama2 dgn si nenek gokil itu?
hihi.. :P

btw, atashi no denwa bango..
zero hachi go sichi roku zero hachi san san ichi zero kyuu..
i'm waitin 4 d hang-out invitation.. XD

chikabi_13 mengatakan...

yg ini blom pernah sih~

cuma aq ada beli DVD kurosagi-nya YamaPi. masih blom selesai nonton.

cuma kurasa Proposal Daisakusen ini kyknya emang bagus, y. tipe drama percintaan. tapi kalo kurosagi bukan drama percintaan, tipe drama yg serius....

kalo dipikir2 sih, aq lebih suka tipe drama percintaan kyk proposal daisakusen deh~

LV_iluvblog mengatakan...

Busyet...nih Ju-en pake Nihongo pula buat bilangin nomer hapenya, oke deh, domo arigatou!