Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

No More Refilled PET Bottle!

As long as I can remember, I'd been using disposable water bottles (PET bottle) for drink. Perhaps our “long relationship” began when I was in junior high. It just felt like bringing reusable bottle (e.g. those made of stainless steel, glass, or aluminium) was quite burdensome as I had to take care of it. Hence I just preferred buying bottled water at school or refilling the PET bottle at home for later use. Using disposable water bottle for drink seems so practical as it doesn’t break easily due to its plastic flexibility and I don't need to worry if I lose it somewhere... XD. However, that was before I realized there are actually more negative sides of using PET bottles than the benefits it gives us.

Since I was used to drinking from refilled PET bottles, I knew how it was like when the plastic material was about to expire. The plastic, which is supposed to be clear/transparent, turns blurry and a bit rough when touched. Moreover, if it smells weird then it’s obviously the time to get rid of it. What awakes me to quit refilling PET bottles for drink is the fact that research has indicated that some materials used for commercial PET bottles are able to release toxin or harmful chemical substances if exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature which, of course, will contaminate the liquid inside it. Even some say that consuming refilled PET-bottled beverage frequently could increase the risk of getting cancer due to the accumulation of toxin from the plastic. That is the reason why it is not recommended to use the same disposable plastic bottle repeatedly.

Besides, PET bottle is non-degradable. It is one of the major causes of soil pollution. According to Wikipedia (Plastic pollution, 5 May 2013), Methane, which is a very powerful gas that increases damage to the Earth’s ozone layer, is released when plastics are being broken down. Thus, please stop throwing away plastic bottles carelessly. Instead, put it into the appropriate recycle bin or for the creative you, there are many green DIY projects out there that help to recycle plastic bottles. Now I choose reusable food-grade bottle that is safer and more environmental-friendly for drinking at work. What’s more, I can save my money from buying something that I can get freely from home J