Kamis, 25 Desember 2008



Christmas has come! This wonderful and peaceful day has come to the Earth, to all of people!

Btw, now I still feel a bit sleepy because yesterday (Christmas EVE), I went to Gereja Kristus Raja, a Catholic church across Medan Mall Plaza, along with my little brother, aunt, and cousins, and until about 1 o'clock midnight I finally returned home.

We went there about seven o'clock...I thought it's still early...but after we arrived I was surprised to see so many people had come and filled all the seats! Hhh...well, then we just took a seat at the second floor. It's difficult to see the whole process and we only can listen to it.

But...yeah, the ceremony was simple and nice...we enjoyed the choir, the song, and we prayed a lot there.

From church we didn't go home directly. My aunt brought us to have a snack(actually supper) at Merdeka Walk... It's very nice! I ordered Mc'D's Gourmet Wrap. It's a warm and delicious meal in the cold weather last night! Thanks to my aunt, hehehe....

After all....it was a wonderful Christmas eve and I hope this wonderful Christmas Day will bring miracles and happiness to ALL OF US!

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