Rabu, 31 Desember 2008


Tomorrow is going to be 2009! GOSH!
It’s quite hard to believe that today is the end of 2008! A tough year, isn’t it? Well…this makes me ponder for a while, what have I done for this year?What are the good or bad things I’ve done in 2008? All of the good deeds should be maintained and improved but the bad ones must be reduced and decreased! This afternoon, my Mom, my sister, and me were busy enough bcoz we cleaned the entire house due to the next Chinese New Year. It’s really full of dust…but the cleaning process was quite fun, hehe…I found some ‘neglected’ stuffs that were kept for a long time in the cupboard and drawer….
2009 is approaching, very close to us now...what will happen in this coming New Year? Hope everything will be better, including the global economic condition, hahaha…. By the way, have you made any New Year’s resolutions? It’s the time for us to CHANGE! It’s a new beginning! Yeah, I’ve made some planning and I wish I can achieve success and something great from them, hehe…I also hope that all of your planning and wishes will be accomplished too!
After all, in this 2009, we must dare to be different (in a positive way)!

Kamis, 25 Desember 2008



Christmas has come! This wonderful and peaceful day has come to the Earth, to all of people!

Btw, now I still feel a bit sleepy because yesterday (Christmas EVE), I went to Gereja Kristus Raja, a Catholic church across Medan Mall Plaza, along with my little brother, aunt, and cousins, and until about 1 o'clock midnight I finally returned home.

We went there about seven o'clock...I thought it's still early...but after we arrived I was surprised to see so many people had come and filled all the seats! Hhh...well, then we just took a seat at the second floor. It's difficult to see the whole process and we only can listen to it.

But...yeah, the ceremony was simple and nice...we enjoyed the choir, the song, and we prayed a lot there.

From church we didn't go home directly. My aunt brought us to have a snack(actually supper) at Merdeka Walk... It's very nice! I ordered Mc'D's Gourmet Wrap. It's a warm and delicious meal in the cold weather last night! Thanks to my aunt, hehehe....

After all....it was a wonderful Christmas eve and I hope this wonderful Christmas Day will bring miracles and happiness to ALL OF US!

Selasa, 09 Desember 2008


This is not the only feeling or expression I had after I watched Twilight yesterday. It is a romantic and fantastic movie! Very Nice! :) I think you shouldn’t miss it! At least you can buy the DVD if you don’t have any free time to enjoy it in cinema or maybe you just read the novel(by Stephenie Meyer). I think it is also the same.
Edward Cullen (the protagonist, acted by Robert Pattinson) is really a cool guy! Hahaha….. But his face is so pale and he has red lips (too much lipstick, I think, haha..) He and his family are a kind of vegetarian vampire (how come?almost impossible!) and only hunt for animals. But all of the vampires in the film still can be active under the sunlight! I think vampires shouldn’t have this kind of power although the Cullens has their own special ability! For example, Edward can read minds(except Bella’s mind) and his sister can predict future.
Isabella 'Bella' Swan, a pretty but introvert girl(the main character in the film, acted by Kristen Stewart) arrived in Forks, because her mother had married again, and live with her father, Charlie, a Forks police officer. She never expected to fall in love with a vampire until one day when Edward saved her from an accident. But after all she didn’t afraid to him and the Cullens also treat her like one of their family members.
There is another important character in the movie, Jacob Black from the Quilutes. Actually he is a werewolf but in this first movie he doesn’t have many ‘appearance’ and we can’t see his transformation! Perhaps in the sequel we can find it!
At last….after this short description, I recommend you to watch this movie! It’s terrific! Two thumbs up! Haha…

Minggu, 07 Desember 2008


Wahaha...this is really a precious opportunity! It's quite rare to have such a long weekend(from Saturday until Monday) b'coz there will be a celebration for Muslim people(IdulAdha) on Monday.... :)
Yesterday until today there's nothing really special has happened, but.....tomorrow it will be different! I'll watch a very nice movie with my cousin at the cinema in Sun Plaza! Yihaa...! It's TWILIGHT! I've been waiting for it since the first premiere in Medan and I think the movie won't disappoint me! Yeah, I hope so!
I won't forget to write something about my impression of the film!
See ya!