Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009


I never imagine that 'this' will happen so fast...Jack-o has died! OMG! I can't believe it! I'm sure that all of you must have known this news right? This morning when I woke up, actually half-awake, I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. As usual, I took the newspaper and started to read it. But before I found the article of Michael Jackson's death, my Mom said to me :
"Hey, Michael Jackson a..." And I replied:
"Hah? What's wrong with him?" I still didn't care about his news, maybe another controversy again.
"He's died......." No need a second to make me become like this :


OMG100x! that time I was completely awake! Then I opened the newspaper and found a full-page of his article, he's died because of drugs overdose. Walah! This is a real world-shaking news! Even though I'm not his big fan, but honestly I like his songs and his legendary Moonwalk Style!

I could say nothing but deepest condolences to his family!

I believe that his songs will remain forever in this world for he is one of the most famous mega-star on Earth! Agree? :)

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