Jumat, 12 Februari 2010


Hai readers, it's wonderful to meet you again!
In this post, I would like to share something I watched from the TV. It's not about movie, but somethin' 'bout fashion...
A few days ago, I watched an international news from CCTV Xin Wen, a China News Channel. There was a news about a brand named RE(f)USE which the products, like bags and accessories, are made of recycled stuffs! And actually it is found by one of the Fendi sisters, Ilaria Venturini Fendi! It's so cool right?! I think they have given a perfect name for the brand because they use materials which are thrown away or have been rejected by their owners, and then those unwanted things are recycled into valuable products until they are sold and reused again! These 'green' products are not only stylish but also have contributed something good for the environment! The store/boutique is in Rome, Italy...so if you are interested with the products, better go there and buy some, haha....
this is the picture of the RE(f)USE display window! :)
N.B you can visit this site to view the products : http://www.carminacampus.org/ENG/home.html

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