Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Avatar VS Titanic

Hi readers...
I don't know why but these days I feel kinda bored...no enthusiasm to do something...the mood is in a very low tide...haha...Well, then I try to overcome this by making myself as happy as can be. So I went shopping with my family, looking for new clothes because Chinese New Year is getting closer! I've also finished reading a novel, DRACULA-by Bram Stoker, and indeed, it is a nice story for my favorite character, Van Helsing, is in action! Haha... XD


By the way, I think most of you have already watched AVATAR, haven't ya? Unfortunately, I haven't, haha...but I will someday... Just now I read an interesting article from a local Chinese newspaper about this 3D sci-fi movie. It is written that AVATAR has become the world best-selling movie, with income higher than Titanic (which had remained in the first position for about 13 years and also directed by the same person, James Cameron)! TITANIC at last has to go down automatically to the second position, huhu....AVATAR and Mr. Cameron also win the Golden Globe Award and this movie will be nominated in Academy Award soon!
Even though AVATAR has gained this huge achievement, but Titanic is still leading in the total amount of the audience! Hoho...I have watched AVATAR trailer and I think the CGI effect is amazing! But I still do not know whether the plot is as good as Titanic or not...Yeah, certainly I must prove it myself! :)

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