Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

Olympics and Moon Cake Festival...

Wahaha....I've 'neglected' my blog for so many days...! Lots of things to do and also because Facebook has attracted my attention from my blog, yah....more time for FB than blog...hehehe..
Okay...yesterday midnight(about 12 o'clock), I still couldn't sleep at all so I went to the living room and watched TV. Coincidentally, I turned to one of the China's TV Channels, CCTV Xin Wen, then I was surprised to find out that at the same time, in Denmark, there was an official meeting to announce which country will have the opportunity to organize the next Olympic in 2016(after Olympic 2012 in London)!!!

Woaaaahhh... every candidate representatives had come and waited for the result. All of them were so curious to know which country will get this Golden Ticket! At the meeting, I could see Mr. and Mrs. Obama, the Prime Minister of Japan, and other govermental members. The candidates which had applied for the Olympic 2016 are Brazil(Rio de Janeiro), Chicago, Tokyo(Japan, oh...I love this country so much...!), and Madrid.

Only Japan, who had had the experience in organizing such a great ceremony, I had also watched every ads about each countries....Oh! They're so cool! Awesome! Each videos shows the cultures, scenery, and other attractive sites that will add some points to this election/voting. Not long after that, the chief ofthe Olympic Organization announced that Rio d'Janeiro wins! Whooooho! Every Brazil representatives jumped up and shouted in amazements! The Brazilians who had gathered at Copacabana beach to listen to this announcement, danced happily after this great news. This is also the first time for Brazil to hold this Olympic competition and of course, they must be well-prepared for it! :)
Oh ya, today is also the day of Moon Cake Festival! Oh, I've waited for so long! Eventually I can enjoy the taste of those delicious Moon Cakes! Hwahahaha....! Happy Moon Cake Festival, everyone!

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