Minggu, 15 Februari 2009


Yesterday was Valentine day. It is a day that being ‘worshipped’ by almost everyone in the world. This is a L-O-V-E day and usually identical to couples. But for those who are still single, hehe…can celebrate Valentine in many ways too, with friends and/or family.
Celebrating Valentine day doesn’t have to make a big party. A simple way will also become meaningful, like what my Mom did yesterday evening.

Actually nothing special was happening until the sky became dark… I was using computer, my Dad was doing his tasks, my Sister and little brother was watching TV. We were too busy with our ‘business’ and didn’t pay attention to my Mom in the kitchen, preparing dinner for us. Then suddenly she came to the living room and brought a special menu for us! A heart-shaped steam rice with corn, shitake mushroom and pork. Absolutely delicious!

We were surprised and of course, felt very happy! The atmosphere was getting warm, full of Mom’s love, hehehe….Thanks a lot Mom! :)
That evening had become a simple yet lovely Valentine moment!


3 komentar:

JuEn mengatakan...

u have a nice mommy..
when i called my mom at d val day nite, she told me dat she knowed i wud call her dat day.. how come? n she said "it's a mother's insting.."
every mother has their own impressiveness.. agreee? :P

LV_iluvblog mengatakan...

Yeah...but I think you have a nice mom too! Your Mom knows what you'll do! She can read your mind, hehehe...

Random mengatakan...

eeee~~~ sorry telat~ happy belated heart day~ :P
wow your mom made that!!? Great~!
I've a day off on that day and did nothing at home~~

btw, your comment in my shimisu shota entry...I just read it now...
I don't see it because that '1' number is toooooo small!! lol
iya lagunya shota shimizu dari albumnya itu, SEMUANYA bagus!
menrutku sih gitu. keseringan dlm 1 album yg bagus bbrp, tapi yg ini semuanya aq suka~~~!!
akhir2 ini srg dngerin 'one last kiss' nya...

trus si shota shimizu itu dpt predikat 'one in a million' di jpg!!! krn tipe lagu n suara n vokalnya itu jrg bgt ada di jpn!! dia itu a rare multi-talent!! kata org!! harus dgr lagu nya deh~~!!!!!!