Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

A Tragedy

Hi everyone!

I am writing to express my feeling of disappointment toward today’s reality. Everything seems so cruel today. There are a lot of unfair treatments done by superior persons to those who are still begging for help and justice. I suppose this time I’m a bit emotional…but I just can’t help it!

Huff... what have made me this mad is an incident told by a colleague of mine, Ms. Rafita. She is an alumnus of a state university in Medan. The incident happened to one of her friends who has not graduated yet. Let’s say her friend’s name is Ann. 

Ann was a girl who had been working hard to complete her thesis writing. She knew her parents, who are only common farmers/villagers, were proud of her for being a state university student. They also had been trying to earn money to support her education in the city. Thus, Ann wouldn’t want to disappoint them by failing the thesis exam. Furthermore, graduation is a pride for Bataknese people and this was one of the reasons of Ann’s perseverance in doing her thesis.

Yet, her hard work was not appreciated by her lecturers, who thought they could do anything with their authority in hand. Her thesis was rejected again and again by the lecturers with ridiculous reasons. Ann was tired and down. Because of this, she felt sick due to months of struggle. She suffered from Appendicitis. After appendix surgery, everything did not get back to normal. Else, another illness appeared. One thing that I have to emphasize here : medical skill in Indonesia is still wretched. I think this is why Ann was admitted to hospital again because of post-surgery complications. Her parents also consulted traditional medication for her beloved daughter. Unfortunately, not long after that Ann died without a chance to finish her study. 

I was upset, shocked, and angry after listening to Ms. Rafita. She had also cried all night long for her poor friend, Ann. To me, it is a real irony that people (in this case, Ann’s lecturer) who think they are educated and superior enough to control others, are in fact the cruelest creatures that can hurt and even take innocents’ lives away. 

Here, I would like to express my deepest condolence to her family.

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