Kamis, 09 April 2009

The Election Day!!!

Yuhuuu...! After several days of campaign with lots of posters, banners, billboards of campaigners, which you can find all around Medan, finally the time for the general election (Pemilu 2009) has come! Well, I chose the Caleg that my Dad support. There were also many people came to join the vote, most of them are from the nearest neighborhood. After giving a tick to the A3- sized papers, and put them into the box, I dipped my fingertip into the ink. Aaargh! now it looks weird with the Purple color on it! Haiya...I know it will be difficult to rinse it! But this day is a nice day for me. It's a day off for every people! I and my family also went to see some TPS around. Many acek-acek and a-i around, some of them was sitting at the kopi-tiam after joining the election, discussing about politics, etc. Haha.... after today there will be another holiday!
It's Easter Day! Yihaaa! This makes me remember about the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, etc. I also have a PC game, which the Easter Bunny becomes the victim, hehe...It's a horrible game, honestly!

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